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Flannel Friday is a group of youth services librarians who blog a flannel/felt board story every Friday in the Flannel Friday Roundup.

How to view:  The Flannel Friday Roundup is compiled and posted as a blog post by a different Flannel Friday-er on a rotational basis every Friday.  A list of compilers with their dates can be found on the Flannel Friday blog. Where you'll also find an archive of Flannel Fridays past and much more.
You can also visually explore the posts on the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards!

How to participate:  Follow the instructions on the Flannel Friday Flannel Friday blog.
You don't have to participate every week, but can join in whenever you have time.

Once you've blogged on Flannel Friday, pop over to Mel's Desk and grab the Flannel Friday button - you're entitled!

Want to know more?

There is also a Flannel Friday Facebook group!

Visit these posts to learn more Flannel Board tricks and tips:
  • How to make a flannel board story on Abby the Librarian's blog.
  • Using 3-d paint by Miss Mary Liberry, the acknowledged 'queen of puffy paint'!
  • Finding sources of copyright-friendly images also by Miss Mary Liberry.
  • A glossary of Flannel Friday terms, of my own devising (with the help of the other FF bloggers).
  • Storytelling resources search for flannels, rhymes and storytimes on the Google Custom Search at Mel's Desk.


An index to the topics/titles covered by flannels my Flannel Friday posts to date:

Aiken Drum (song)
Dog's Colourful Day (book/activity)
Go Away Big Green Monster (book/song)
Five Enormous dinosaurs (rhyme)
Five Little Leaves (rhyme)
Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer (song)
Five Little Owls (rhyme)
Five Little Snowflakes (rhyme)
Matching Mittens - part 1 - part 2 (activity/rhyme)
Pete the Cat: I Love my New Shoes (book/song)
Pirate Wore a Blue Patch, The (song/activity)
Rudolph, Rudolph (rhyme/activity)
Three Crows Sitting on a Wall (Three Craws Sittin' on a wa') (song)
Weather (activity)

Flannel Friday Roundups I've hosted:

14th November 2011 - Holiday Extravaganza

10th February 2012

13th April 2012

Other flannel discussions:

Flannel Friday Definitions (Just a bit of fun)
Experimenting with 3-d paint
I spent too long making these
Owls and Longevity
To Flannel, or not to Flannel?


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