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About Me

My nom de plume is Library Quine*.  I am a qualified (but as yet unchartered) librarian working in a para-professional role in a dual use library (public and high school) in Scotland.  I volunteered for a number of years in school libraries in the USA, and this my first post within a library since attaining a post-graduate qualification in Information and Library Studies from Robert Gordon University.  I have been participating in 23 Things for Professional Development, and have a separate blog for that here.


I have an enormous amount of fun designing and presenting Rhymetimes and Storytimes at the library in which I work.  Sometimes I come up with original ideas, but often trawl the internet or my limited supply of professional materials and adapt and refine ideas that I find there.

Much of this blog's content is linked to and/or credited from other sources. I would particularly like to thank the folks who contribute to Flannel Fridays whose pictures and commentaries have inspired me to enhance my librarytimes in this way.

Always feel free to add suggestions or refinements by comment, or contact me directly if you wish.


This is a personal weblog. The thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.

 * see Loons and Quines? page for more information about the Doric language/dialect
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