Friday, 14 March 2014

Bunny Gets Dressed - 'Froggy Gets Dressed' for the younger set


I've been having a hard time finding 'just right' books for my baby Rhymetimes of late, so when I came across the book 'Bing: Get Dressed' by Ted Dewan, I knew I could have some fine flannel fun with it.

In this story Bing has quite an adventure getting his clothes on. Getting the sequence right is quite a challenge for him, but he is praised along the way when he gets it right. A little accident slows things down, but eventually he gets out of his PJs and into his day clothes - well done Bing!

My favourite part about the book is where it asks the reader "How do YOU get dressed?" and offers a range of possible scenarios to discuss with my young storytimers.

Oh, and a special birthday treat - bunny in his underwear!
Flannel Friday is three, yes THREE years old - 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Flannel Friday!

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