Friday, 17 May 2013

Flannel Friday - Whats the weather? WINDY!

Some time ago I developed a set of flannels to depict different sorts of weather.  They've been great in any storytime to start a conversation about the weather; after all, it's what our adults do all the time!  We also regularly sing a little rhyme*, but my original pieces lacked one common weather symbol which features in the song (and unfortunately in our Scottish climate too) - WINDY!

Finally I added a windy symbol to my set. Also a template in pdf format.

Oh, and here's the rhyme:

What's the Weather (Weather Song)
[to the tune of "Oh My Darling"]

What’s the weather?
What’s the weather?
What’s the weather, everyone?
Is it windy?
Is it cloudy?
Is there rain?
Or is there sun?

source: CanTeach (Weather songs and poems)

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Flannel Friday Roundup - Friday 3rd May 2013

Welcome to this week's Flannel Friday Roundup!

What a great melange of storytime ideas we have for you this week from the Flannel Friday crew.  Yes, I LOVE that word, but have to say that it only just beats ‘mishmash’ or ‘hodgepodge’. What I really want to say is that we’ve got a fantastic variety of activities and themes to enhance your storytimes; there’s something for everyone!

Brooke of Reading With Red blog deserves a big Flannel Friday welcome for her first ever Flannel Friday post! In her Tell A Pigeon Story post, she has a flannel based on Mo Willem’s Pigeon characters and props and shows us how they are used in the library’s early literacy center.

Mother’s Day

Here are some ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day in storytime (May 12th 2013 in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – in the UK it was back in March).

Jen in the Library has an adorable flannel set for an animal mother and babies matching activity rhyme. With all those fun animal noises what could go wrong (apart from running out of space on the board, that is)?

Kathryn at Fun With Friends At Storytime shares a selection of ideas for a Mother’s Day storytime in her Gift For Mummy post including an original Mother’s Day rhyme to use with clip art and a variation on the Little Mouse flannel with ‘Where’s the Cheese for Mother Mouse?’

In her Play Ball post Kathryn also tells us about using pellon to make flannel pieces and a cute flannel board rhyme called ‘Playing Ball’.

Lisa from Libraryland has a Crazy Traffic Light flannel set to use with the hilarious poem by Rob Reid.

Miss Angie at Mrs Andre’s Library shares ‘What Can You Do With a Box’ - a fun cardboard box post with a counting and shape-building flannel board activity made with cardboard and magnets.

Kathy at Bird’s Books has a colourful set of pirate finger puppets that she uses with a favourite pirate rhyme.

At Notes From The Storyroom, Linda continues her series of telling a tale 5 ways. This week she shows us a draw and tell version of The Fisherman and His Wife.

In her Cake Circles and Clothespins post at Mel’sDesk, Mel introduces us an adaptable early literacy activity with clothes pegs. She uses a farm yard theme, and makes lots of suggestions for alternatives and for follow-on activities.

At What Is Bridget Reading, Bridget has made an awe-inspiring set of flannel pieces to accompany the flannel board activity of Mix and Match Cinderella. Inspired by Mel’s original she has truly made this her own.

Andrea has revitalised an old **SCOTTISH** favourite at Roving Fiddlehead Kidlit with a bright flannel version of Aiken Drum with loose pieces for a participatory storytime song. [**no bias here!]

In her latest post Katie from Storytime Secrets shares an original rhyme she wrote about her Five Little Unicorns with a link to the clipart. 

Miss Courtney serves up Five Delicious Cupcakes - a charming take on the traditional Happy Birthday song with an additional activity giving the birthday child, or a whole group of children, the opportunity to add cherries to match their age so can also be used as a getting to know you activity.

Mollie’s latest post at Storytime With Miss Mollie includes an adaptation of the Five Little Robots rhyme from a fellow Flannel Friday-er and makes it her own with a hi-tech version set in Hank’s Robot Shop!

At Read Rabbit Read, Sarah has made some fabulous hand puppets of Goldilocks and the Three Bears for an early literacy fair. She’s even included patterns so we can easily replicate them – Thanks Sarah!

Miss Angela at Spectacular Story Time has a real conversation piece with her emotions flannel activity, It’s just Emooootions, Taking Me Over.

Now, at Ram Sam Storytime we get to visit the circus and Monica shares her build-a-clown-face storytime activity about Clancy the Clown. As a bonus we also get a simple ‘At the Circus’ draw and tell story.

Finally, Jane at Piper Loves the Library introduces us to an adorable picture book ‘Zoe Gets Ready’ by Bethanie Deeney Murguia as a means of illustrating her preparedness for the Flannel Panel at CLA.

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