Friday, 8 March 2013

What Flannel Friday means to me!

I stumbled across Flannel Friday just when I needed it! 

My library's community needed storytimes. I was the person in a position to provide it, but my MLIS hadn't had any children's services content and my library service didn't have any money for storytime training. I had an hour's on the job instruction, the opportunity to observe a neighbouring library's storytime session, a small box of storytime props, the library's stock of picture books, and that was it. Flannel Friday provided the rest! 

Two years later we have weekly Rhymetime sessions for babies and toddlers, family storytimes and craft sessions, outreach visits to local pre-school groups and regular visits from school nurseries and the local after school club. Children's issue statistics have risen and participation in Summer reading schemes and early year's library challenges have improved enormously. Best of all, kids love coming to the library! 

This word cloud has been generated from my Flannel Friday posts and I think it says it all about the things that I've got from participation in Flannel Friday and what Flannel Friday means to me.

I've picked out a few of my favourites:

Share ideas for storytimes and Youth Librarianship
ParTicipate in a community of storytimers
Access a superb storytime resOurce
Introduce an additional sensoRy element to storytimes
Learn about sharing early literacY tips with parents
Improve my own storytelling versaTility
Have the opportunity to reflect on and dIscuss storytime practice
Make storytiMes more attractive
Solicit advicE and best practice
Make linkS and grow a network of early year's and youth services providers.

A big thank you to all who participate!

You can see all the other Flannel Friday Roundup submissions for this week on Storytime Reading Chick's blog Rain Makes Applesauce.

If you want to know more:

Find out about Flannel Friday on the dedicated website. Features include past roundups, host schedule and how to participate.

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Discuss storytimes and flannel boards on the Flannel Friday Facebook Page.


  1. I love the tag cloud idea LQ! Also, what an amazing story of transforming the children's services for your library. I'm sure your families are grateful you were willing to embrace youth services!

  2. Oh, LQ, this is beautiful! Heart shaped - sooo perfect. Meaningful post done with the creativity I adore. ~ jane
    (you've touched my heart)

  3. This is a really good one I hadn't thought of: "Improve my own storytelling versaTility"
    And way to go with your library-you're amazing!

  4. I absolutely love your word cloud!

  5. LQ, how did I not realize that you didn't have a storytime background when you first joined Flannel Friday? You amaze me. I have been so grateful that we've had your voice to share an outside-the-US perspective on youth've been such a valuable part of our group and so willing to take a leadership role. Thank you!

  6. What a great success story - and presented so creatively! I love your big heart. I imagine that it is a giant hug going out to all the FFers as they read your post. Thanks Library Quine!
    Amanda Murray :-)

  7. Thanks for your comments. I was afraid the word cloud might be a bit passé, but it helped me organise my thoughts. Of course, now I've read other's posts I want to say more!

  8. I am even more in awe of you tody with the realization you had no storytelling training. Your community is so richly blessed to have you sharing your talents, especially with the little ones. I love your heart. You are one of my very favorite flannel fridayers!
    HUGS : )
    Lake Elsinore, CA


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