Thursday, 14 February 2013

Flannel Friday - Three Craws, flannel makeover

Looking back at my posts I realise I've been promoting the use of flannel and felt sets to enhance library storytimes on my blog for more than 18 months. I've shared these as the sole Scottish representative in a weekly social media event called the Flannel Friday Roundup, an international community of blogging librarians, teachers and early year's folk who share ideas about storytimes and who provide advice and support to each other via Facebook and Twitter.

I have written about using felt props to extend and re-tell stories, and to add a multi sensory element to rhymes, songs and early literacy games.  Along the way I've learnt a great deal about presenting storytimes and the practicalities of selecting appropriate books, songs and rhymes as well as the making of flannel sets. 

One important thing I've learnt is it that spending a little extra time to make the props multi-functional is time well spent. Some of things I made early on have seen better days, including the Three Craws finger puppets I made back 2011. So when the time came to remake them I wanted to build in some extra versatility. 

So, I present the NEW Three Craws (Crows) Sat Upon a Waw

- stick puppets 

- finger puppets (just remove the handle) and

- felt board set (felt sticks to a felt backboard).

Three craws sittin on a waw ...
Sittin on a waw, sittin on a waw-aw-aw-aw.
Three craws sittin on a waw ...
On a cauld an frosty mornin.

The first craw wis greetin for his maw ...
Greetin for his maw, greetin for his maw-aw-aw-aw.
The first craw wis greetin for his maw ...
On a cauld an frosty mornin.

The second craw fell an broke his jaw ...
Fell an broke his jaw, fell and broke his jaw-aw-aw-aw.
The second craw fell an broke his jaw ...
On a cauld an frosty mornin.

The third craw couldna flee at aw ...
Couldna flee at aw, couldna flee at aw-aw-aw-aw.
The third craw couldna flee at aw ...
On a cauld an frosty mornin.

You'll find many versions of this traditional song on the internet in both English and Scots. I like to use this set with the book Katie's Coo: Scots rhymes for wee folk, illustrated by Karen Sutherland. All these pieces were cut with a digital cutter, but could also be cut by hand.


On March 15th 2013 FLANNEL FRIDAY will be 2 YEARS OLD!

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  1. Very nice and versatile! I love that each craw has its own little personality. <3

    Thanks for sharing an updated version. I am putting this on my TBM (To Be Made) pile!

    Have a lovely Friday!
    ~ K ~

  2. Thanks K! They were such a lot of fun to make. I can't wait to share them with our Rhymetime-ers.

  3. I'll admit, it took me a moment to figure out what a craw was. They turned out really cute though!

  4. Ha - you passed the wee test I set for you!


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