Thursday, 10 January 2013

Flannel Friday - Five Currant Buns with template

I still need a few more flannel sets to enhance our back-to-basics nursery rhymes. I've not used the 'Five Current Buns' rhyme for a while, so think it will be just the right time to introduce it to my 0 to 18 month year old Baby Rhymetimers.

I've included the version of the rhyme that I intend to use and a template for a flannel/felt pattern or to print onto card to laminate or magnetise. Towards the end you'll find a brief overview of my experience of using a digital cutter to produce this flannel set.

Five Current Buns in a Baker's Shop

Five buns fit perfectly on my hand-held flannel board
BTW, those aren't real pennies, so the buns are bigger than you might think!

Of course, those clever Flannel Friday-ers have adapted it to all sorts of baked goodies:

I might just have to adapt it to a new Scottish version, "Five Fine Pieces", featuring tray bakes, macaroons, shortbread and all the 'auld toon' bakery specials!

Five Currant Buns
(to the tune of '5 Little Ducks went swimming one day') 

Five currant buns in a baker's shop.
Big and round with a cherry on the top,
Along came a boy with a penny one day,
Bought a currant bun and took it away.
Four currant buns in a baker's shop...
Three currant buns in a baker's shop...
Two currant buns in a baker's shop...
One currant bun in a baker's shop.
Big and round with a cherry on the top,
Along came a boy with a penny one day,

Bought the currant bun and took it away.

(source: traditional)

You can hear the tune on this audio file from the BBC...

Template: Click the download link below the picture to obtain a .pdf pattern

Technique: Using a Digital Cutter

Round and Fat with a Cherry on the Top

This is the first flannel set that I've cut using my new digital cutter. This is my own cutter, and not really intended for work purposes, but I couldn't resist trying it out to see if it would work.

The instructions require that fabric is backed with heat transfer fabric interfacing with the backing paper removed before being placed on the cutting mat. The three felt colours are all slightly different in texture and thickness, and the thinner white one cut best of all. Once all the pieces are cut, they are ironed together. A few 'currents' are then added with pen to complete the set.

It was a quick process (now I'm familiar with the software), and producing the template in .pdf format was MUCH faster than I'd managed previously.  I've considered making and including more image formats - the proprietary format on my software is Silhouette's .studio file type. I've not yet worked out how to change them to the more common .svg cutting file type.

Does anyone else use a digital cutter for their flannels? Would .svg files be useful to other Flannel Friday-ers? Do share your thoughts and experience - I'd love to find out more!

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  1. I would be interested in SVG files, if you can figure out how to make them (I've no idea so I'm no help). I am thinking of giving my best friend my Cricut and getting a Silhouette myself.

    1. Anne, I've discovered that only (much) older versions of the Silhouette software allow for files to be saved in svg file format. There is third party software that will do the conversion from PDF to svg, but I'm not sure if the resolution is good enough though.

  2. How easy was the Silhouette to use? I do alreay have a Cricut (but I always like more gear).

    Also, your round flannelboard is still awesome (and is still on my "to make" list).

  3. Lisa, I found the Silhouette fairly easy to use and I'd not used a cutter of any sort before. I did do quite a lot of research first though. I'll post more about it in the coming weeks.
    Glad you liked the round flannel board - we have a lot of storytime fun with it.

  4. Dare I say your buns are adorable?! I did not know this song...and now I can't get it out of my head. Maybe I will make them for valentine's day with a heart on the top?? Just thinkin' Thanks for link, it always helps to hear it when you don't know it. ~ jane

  5. I think you win for best double entendre! I love your idea for a 'heart on the top' and might even use it for Valentine's myself

  6. Thanks for a great new rhyme to add to my repertoire!

    Your current buns are so cute!

  7. This is very cute! I've never used a digital cutter before, but I'm intrigued now. I'll have to look into it. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I've not used it much either - thought I'd share my learning experience!


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