Sunday, 18 November 2012

Flannel Friday Roundup - November 23rd 2012


Here is the November 23rd 2012 edition of the Flannel Friday Roundup coming to you from bonnie Scotland. I'm honoured to be your host this holiday week (for those of you celebrating American Thanksgiving).

Loch Kinord at Muir of Dinnet, Scotland
As it's been Thanksgiving this week in the USA it's not surprising that many of our Flannel Friday-ers have been thinking about food!

Miss Courtney Meets Bobo gives us her adaptation of Lunch, from the book by Denise Flemming to use with a colourful flannel set.

Sandwiches are a great way of using up leftovers, and Sandy shows us some new props and a great Let's make a Sandwich rhyme at Storytime Sparks . Also with donuts/doughnuts for desert!

No doubt the hen had food on her mind too, and Miss Mollie shows us a lovely flannel set to use when telling the story of The Little Red Hen at What Happens in Storytime.

Lisa brings us an irresistible combination of food and trains with her Toot,Toot flannel and rhyme at Lisa in Libraryland

We have another transport based flannel board activity with a fun song and story from Maureen at Strong Start called Long Way Home.

Anne from SoTomorrow has a flannel Tic-Tac-Toe game that you could do as a group activity which would also make a cute gift.   

Storytime Katie has some flannel pumpkins with an hands-on activity for making faces on pumpkins and, as the pieces aren't permanently attached, can be used for 5 Little Pumpkins too.  

Miss Sarah has some great tips for making flannel pieces multi-use - very handy when things get busy! Thanks Sarah!

If you're new to Flannel Friday you might need to know that Flannel Friday is an online event in which participating bloggers post a description of a flannel board, puppet, prop or storytime activity on their blogs on a Friday. All the participating posts are gathered into one spot in a link roundup (here at Loons and Quines this week, but it rotates between the participants) and then shared in a more visual way on the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards. It is a way of sharing ideas, encouraging new techniques, and building community among children’s library staff around the world.

Want to know more?

Find out about Flannel Friday on the dedicated website. Features include past roundups, host schedule and how to participate.

Scan images of Flannel Friday posts on Pinterest.

Search for flannels and storytime ideas at Mel's Desk.

Discuss storytimes and flannel boards on the Flannel Friday Facebook Page.



  1. Great idea, getting this up early. I went ahead and posted. I think I'll take this week off from blogging. Lunch by Denise Fleming


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  10. Here is my post for the week: Nothing new, just some tips for making flannel pieces multi-use. Something I find very handy when things get busy.

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