Sunday, 14 October 2012

Library Display for Early Years

I've been wanting to introduce a storytime-centred display into the library for some time. However, with no blank wall space, finding a location for said display was going to be a challenge.

I really wanted a visual way to:
  • increase the language-richness of the early years area (see post on 'Supporting Early Literacy Environments in the Library' course)
  • introduce a conversation prompt for storytime attendees, and
  • promote our rhymetime & storytime programmes.

The logical choice was a bulletin board type display which, because of lack of wall space, would have to be suspended from the ceiling above a slatted bay end panel.

I opted for a 'Reading Tree' with the tree top painted on poster board, lightweight and easy to hang, with a trunk extending down the centre of the end panel (minimizing the loss of book display space). I made it double-sided - one side for our public programmes, and one side for visiting nursery classes.

It would be great to decorate the tree according to the seasons and the themes of our storytime programmes, sometimes using examples of our craft activities, but otherwise using a picture to match the theme. Next week our baby storytime will feature owls, so this owl will be our first visitor.  Of course it will look so much better with some made by the children. 

Every item will be clearly labelled, and a header added to the top. I'm still undecided as to whether to mount each item on an image of an open book, or not - what do you think?  As ever, your suggestions are very welcome!

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