Thursday, 18 October 2012

Flannel Friday - Hand-held Flannel Board

May I introduce my latest innovation - a hand-held flannel board! It has a retractable handle on the back to make it easy to bring flannels up close to storytime participants. I've found it to be perfect for small groups of storytimers (I use it for my Baby Rhymetimes).

Our Baby Rhymetime groups are quite small (they vary from 6 to 24 participants), and we all sit on doughnut cushions on the floor around a colourful play mat. I've found my flannel board to be too high when placed on a table, and too likely to be pulled over when placed on the floor.  My solution is this round, hand-held version which I mentioned briefly in my Five Fancy Goldfish post.

Five Fancy goldfish

... and I've have also used it with finger puppets and these sets of "Five Little ..." things.

It was very simple to make, although the innards look a bit 'Heath Robinson' or (my favourite new word) stringpunk! It cost almost nothing to make, consisting of:

  • 2  polystyrene/syrofoam pizza packaging discs (about 12" across) - or a circle of stiff cardboard
  • Sheet of thick polystyrene/styofoam (mine was reused packaging) 0.5" - 1.5" thick
  • Handle and wrapping off a shampoo duo pack
  • Flannel
  • Hot glue gun
  • Duct (Duck) tape.

Materials for a hand-held flannel board

I've made a slide show (below) so you can see how easy it was to make. Unfortunately the slide show needs Flash Player, so doesn't display on iPads etc.
It looks a little skewed to the side in my preview, but can be seen better if you open it up in a new window.

This is how I store all the little pieces ...

Storing finger puppets

Leave if a comment if you need any further information.

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