Friday, 5 October 2012

Baby Rhymetime at Halloween

I was going to skip Halloween for our Baby Rhymetimers as they are so young (most are under one year).  However, because the little ones so love peek-a-boo games, I thought they'd probably enjoy some Woo-ooh and BOO! and adapted this action rhyme to use along with a couple of ghost finger puppets.

Two Little Ghosties

Two Little Ghosties

Two little ghosties (hold up 1 finger on each hand)

Looking at you (point)

One named Woo  (put right hand on child's left shoulder)

And one named Boo (put left hand on child's right shoulder)

Fly away Woo (fly right hand behind back)

Fly away Boo (fly left hand behind back)

Come back Woo-ooh (bring right hand back)

Come back.....BOO!!!!! (Bring left hand back, and only say loud enough to startle if you think your little one will enjoy it)

I can't take all the credit. That goes to Peggy Drake who contributed the unadulterated version of this rhyme to a Halloween post at The Perpetual Preschool entitled Two Little Ghosts back in 1998.

Oh, I almost forgot. The template for the ghost finger puppets comes from Crack of Dawn Crafts blog.  She has hundreds of adorable designs for finger puppets - ninjas, gingerbread people, germs - all brilliant!

Update: The finger puppets and rhyme were very popular at Baby Rhymetime - lots of smiles and chuckles! This is a rhyme I definitely recommend!

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  1. Oh my gosh! These are so adorable! I love them!

    I wish I had the time to make a pair for each of my storytime friends. They would be delighted to have a Woo and a Boo to take home with them. Hmmmm, guess I could make two ghost lollipops for each child instead. Won't last as long as the finger puppets but would be a fun prop to use with this rhyme and the rhyme I do about flying high and low and all around.

    Thank you, LQ! You always inspire me to be a better "storytime lady"! You are awesome! <3

    1. Thanks K, glad you like them. I'm hoping my rhymetimers will too!

  2. I love the finger puppets! Am so stealing this idea...

    1. You're welcome. Love the Halloween ideas over on your blog.

  3. I am in agreement - love the ghosts and their little rhyme. They will be joining my PJ story time. thanks for sharing. ~ jane

    1. I'm glad you like the ghosts and their rhyme - have fun with your PJ story time!


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