Thursday, 27 September 2012

Flannel Friday - Hand Washing

I love the new directions into which partnership working can take lead you. This week I've had the opportunity to work with a nurse to introduce pre-school children to proper hand washing.

Thanks to some crowd-sourcing with my Flannel Friday Facebook friends and some shared resources I've come up with what I hope will a fun yet educational Storytime.

I'm including the story of Mrs Wishy Washy and, if I have the courage, will dress as the determined lady herself. Thanks to previous posts and ideas from Storytime Katie and Storytime ABC's, and the templates from Making Learning Fun, I made this reversible flannel board set from laminated paper and card.

Mrs Wishy Washy - templates from Making Learning Fun
I also wanted a flannel board prop with an action poem or song to help demonstrate the hand washing process, and with a little help from my friends this is what I came up with. The hand is from Open Clip Art Library, and the germs were cut freehand and dotted with various colours of puffy paint (then reverse printed onto another 'germ' of similar shape).
All the little germs, dirty and mean,
Hiding on your palms, (point to where they're hiding)
Where they cannot be seen.
Wash them, (rub hands together)
Scrub them, (rub knuckles together)
Rinse them away. (whisk hands across each other)
Then we'll have clean hands, (hold hands out palm up)
Hip, hip, hooray! (jazz hands!)
... Hiding between your fingers,
... Hiding behind your hands,
... Hiding on your thumbs,
... Hiding under nails,
... Hiding on your wrists,
There are a few too many germs on the hand in the photo, but you no doubt get the idea.
Try as I might I couldn't come up with a line that would scan to say 'on the backs of your hands', except 'behind your hands' - perhaps you can?

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  1. I love the germs story. I always love a new idea, even after over 20 years of teaching preschool. It always makes me smile to find "loonsandquines" in my inbox, and I am never dissapointed. Thank you, once again for sharing your great ideas!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments. I had a hoot today (yes, I did dress up as Mrs Wishy Washy, as did a coworker and between us we presented at least some of this material five times today).


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