Friday, 14 September 2012

Flannel Friday - Five Fancy Goldfish (Flannel three ways)

I was SO inspired by Lisa of Libraryland's Goldfish stick puppets last week, I found myself making goldfish. Initially, I wasn't sure if I'd be using them on the flannel board, so the three big fish are also double thickness (with a gap at the base) and can double up as finger puppets, or with a lolly stick and a Velcro dot can become stick puppets too.

I plan to use the flannel pieces at a multi-generational baby rhymetime celebrating (UK) Older People's week coming up soon (Older People's week celebrates the contribution of older people in my locality and will take place from 1st- 7th October 2012). I'll also be wearing another cap that week and will be helping older foks get online at a drop-in internet cafe held in our library.

Five Fancy Goldfish

I adapted the rhyme from one I found at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library. 

Let’s Buy a Goldfish

Five fancy goldfish at the pet store,
I’ll buy one for my mummy, and now there are FOUR.

Four fancy goldfish looking at me,
I’ll get one for my daddy, and now there are THREE.

Three fancy gold fish in a fishbowl they outgrew,
I’ll get one for my grandma, and that leaves TWO.

Two fancy goldfish, scales shining in the sun,
I want one for my grandpa, and now there is just ONE.

One fancy goldfish swimming all alone,
I’ll take this one home with me, and now there are NONE!

You'll find the link to the fish pattern over on Lisa's blog. The bowl was adapted from the Five Little Goldfish Math Story Mat over at Scholastic. Their bowl was a little asymmetric for my tastes, so I re-drew a slightly rounder and more symmetrical one. It's drawn onto thin quilting batting with turquoise Sharpie. The fish stick to it a treat!

Five Fancy Goldfish on handheld Flannel Board

May I introduce my NEW handheld flannel board?  Perfect for small group storytelling and Baby Rhymetimes. I'll tell you more about it in a future post!

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  1. Love it! I never thought of making them finger puppets.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I hope that you didn't mind that I used your idea so soon after you posted. 😊

  2. I love how versatile you made them.

  3. Thank you, Linda. Time is precious, so I try to make things that will do more than one job. Do you do that too?


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