Thursday, 26 April 2012

Supporting Early Literacy Environments in the Library

This week I started a 4-week online class in early literacy called Supporting Early Literacy Environments in the Library, run by Infopeople (the training arm of the California State Library). 

In their own words, this is what the course aims to do:
This course will help you learn how to incorporate early literacy skills into your library programming and environments. You will be able to:
  • Design early literacy environments activities for use in your workplace
  • Choose library activities that will enhance literacy skills
  • Offer more outreach programs and broaden your early literacy partnership opportunities
  • Incorporate early literacy skills into reading programs 

It should include techniques and practical ideas for utilizing the six early literacy skills as a foundation for the development of library environments and family oriented library programs such as interactive bulletin boards, table top activities, play carpet time, literacy outreach bags, and family literacy night ideas.

The class started on 24th April 2012, and at the time of writing they still appeared to be taking online registration.  Obviously they accept participants from other states and other countries!

It wouldn't be ethical to share the notes and reading provided, but I have updated my resources page with links to useful websites recomended on the course (so far just week one's reading).  You'll find them in the Early Literacy section, highlighted like this.

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