Monday, 23 April 2012

Local Domains on Blogger

If you view Blogger blogs, or post to Blogger, you'll notice that when you view a page you are now redirected to your local country specific domain.

For example, if you aim to look at my Loons and Quines Storytime blog, you would enter

but be redirected to

My understanding is that Google have done this to allow Blogger to censor content on a country-specific level. Google explain why they have made the change, and Bloggerbuster explains the change in simple terms, and also gives instructions on how to prevent the redirect should you wish to. I've not thought of an occasion when I would wish to do so yet, maybe you could enlighten me?

I was confused by this a few days ago, and assumed that is was as a result of using a new blog text editor (not in use at present). Hopefully the change won't adversely affect the viewing of my blogs, and shortcuts, RSS feeds, 'following' etc., but please let me know if it does.

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  1. You are very observant! I had not noticed the change yet. Thank you for sharing information on it for us slower folks. :o)


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