Friday, 16 December 2011

Flannel Friday - Owls and Longevity

These owls were inspired by What a Hoot, the owl storytime post at Sunflower Storytime - I loved the colours and variety, and of course, the template!

Lately though, I've been concerned that some of my flannels are getting a little brittle and falling apart - I'm thinking I should look at a different type/brand of glue.  However, for these owls I thought I'd use a tip given by another FlannelFriday-er who stitches her flannels, and so I reinforced mine with a little hand stitching to see if it made any significant improvement to my flannel's longevity.

Five Little Owls
Here's what they looked like. I was fortunate in that I have a heap of leftover embroidery threads, so could match up the colours quite closely. My stitching isn't the best, but on closer examination, not too shabby, either! It was a little hard to stitch where I had already glued (so there are some areas I couldn't get a needle through).

Do have suggestions for keeping your flannels looking good through repeated usings? If so, please pass them on by leaving a comment below.

Owl closeup

Here are some links to Owl storytimes which will inspire my owl storytime for 2012!  Of course there's Sunflower Storytime's What a Hoot! and more at Storytime Katie,  Rain Makes Applesauce, and Recipe for Reading (apologies for ommissions). You'll find even more if you use Mel's Custom Google Search.

The Flannel Friday Roundup this week is hosted by Linda at Notes from the Storyroom and links to past and future roundups can be found at SoTomorrow. Images of flannel friday posts are displayed on Flannel Friday Pinterest.

If you still need a last minute holiday flannel there are loads of them on the Holiday Extravaganza Roundup.

FF Holiday Roundup


  1. Beautiful! I love the stitching you did such a great job, however if you do want to ever glue your pieces together again, I've found that a glue gun works great for felt boards. They never fall apart, even when you want them to so you can fix a mistake!

  2. Yes, I think the glue gun would be good for a quick fix. My gun takes the wider glue sticks, and deposits rather too much glue (this makes the flannels a bit heavy). I'll have to treat myself to a smaller one!


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