Friday, 25 November 2011

Flannel Friday: Last of the Leaves

This post is a little late for Autumn/Fall, but here in Scotland there are still a few leaves on the trees!

This rhyme only calls for 5 leaves, so I have one in reserve! I found this rhyme on an older post at Mel's Desk. I also got the idea for the second guessing activity from there too!

The leaf shapes came from a couple of templates found here and here. The first link is from a tutorial to make a very attractive felt Thanksgiving Garland, the second is from a range of fall activities at the fabulous site, Enchanted Learning. 

5 Little Leaves
Five Little Leaves

5 little leaves in the tall, tall tree
As bright and pretty as they can be
Along came the wind
Blowing all around
And one bright leaf
Fell to the ground

Four little leaves…

Three little leaves…

Two little leaves…

One little leaf...

Little Mouse Guessing Game

Little mouse, little mouse,
Are you behind the red leaf ... ? 

Little mouse, little mouse,
Are you behind the orange leaf ... ?

Little mouse, little mouse,
Are you behind the brown leaf ... ?

One Little Mouse
[now from the photo you'd think there are 3 brown leaves, but in reality one is dark red (maroon), and one is light brown (beige, tan), I'd make sure the mouse was behind one of these, after we'd eliminated the 'easier' colours]

Explanations on how to play the game and ideas for variations can be found at these posts:
So Tomorrow's Little Mouse, Little Mouse,
Roving Fiddlehead's Little Mouse in the House Flannelboard Game, &
Sunflower Storytime's Little Mouse, Little Mouse

The Flannel Friday Roundup this week is hosted by Katie at Story Time Secrets and links to past and future roundups can be found at SoTomorrow. Images of flannel friday posts are displayed on the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards.

Next week's HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA will be hosted here, at Loons and Quines on Friday 2nd December! I'll have a little present waiting for you, as well as a host of fabulous holiday flannel ideas!


  1. Your little mouse is so cute!

  2. Oh, the veins on the leaves are so striking! Very nice! And I agree, the mouse is extra cute.

  3. Very nice use of puffy paint for those veins.

  4. Thanks for your comments. I'm pleased the way the paint turned out. I had a couple of duff ones though - perhaps we should have an Out-Takes Edition?

  5. These are really beautifully done. Could be used for various autumn-related activities. Very impressed...


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