Friday, 7 October 2011

Flannel Friday - Go Away Big Green Monster flannel story

This seems to be another popular flannel among Flannel Friday-ers and, hoping the advice that 'this is an easy one' was correct, I gave it a try. 
Go Away Big Green Monster

Pattern pieces can be found in various places and I decided on the ones at KidsClub. There are pdfs in black and white and colour, so this could easily be printed onto card too. There is another black and white version at Making Learning Fun and other activities to do with the book (cup cakes looked nice, but not practical for us).

Katie has a super smart flannel at Storytime Katie and Amy at Laptime and Storytime has two versions; conventional and a super pumpkin variation!

I didn't have any light or bright green felt for the face, so used a scrap of quilting fabric (with a sort of tie-dye pattern), glued onto a piece of felt of the same size - the was the first time trying this, and seems to have stuck well without being too heavy. I'll let you know how it works out!

By the way, I used Mel's new Storytime Search to check who else had used this flannel, and I can thoroughly recommend it.

The Flannel Friday Roundup this week is hosted by Anna at Future Librarian Superhero and links to past and future roundups can be found at SoTomorrow.


  1. Love it! I think I like the tie-dye way better than mine!

  2. Thanks Katie - it was a lot of fun to do, thanks for inspiring!

  3. Thanks for the pumpkin version!

  4. Hi Krystal, Thanks for checking out my blog. I can't accept any credit for the pumpkin version, that's all down to the super inventive Amy at Laptime & Storytime, but it is good, huh?

  5. I love it!!! You did a great job on him too! Love the fabric, you did very good. If you're interested, I've just done a new 'Going/Finding Green' laptime where the Big Green Monster serves as a grand finale--he is a standby for me--have fun and keep the faith, storytime and laptime teller faith that is ;)

  6. Hi Amy,
    I checked out your 'Green' Laptime and like it very much - what fun we have!


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