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Flannel Friday Definitions (just a bit of fun!)

Flannel Friday Definitions (just a bit of fun!)

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Twitter hashtag #flannelfriday, see Flannel Friday


1. people who do or follow #FFRU

2. templates of flannel friday patterns (like freebies, but flannelized)


adj. a story, rhyme, song, or game with the potential to become a flannelboard


n1. a soft fabric made from wool or synthetics with a raised nap used to make flannelboards (aka felt in the UK)

n2. a soft warm cotton fabric, often worn as nightwear or casual outerwear by outdoor hunky-types and Flannel Friday-ers (casual definition)

n3. a story, rhyme, song, or game which has been transformed into a flannel story, flannel rhyme etc.


n. a flannel-covered surface to which other paper or flannel pieces, such as letters, numbers, shapes, and other creations adhere merely by contact. Also includes surfaces to which items stick by magnetism or loop and hook fastening (e.g. Velcro®) and double-sided tape.


v. the transformation of a story, rhyme, song or game into a flannel


n. another ("old school") name for a flannelboard or flannel board story


adj1. –ish, like a flannel, but made of alternate materials (not made of felt or flannel)

adj2. –lish, the best kind of flannel, gorgeous, the top of its game!


adj. shows a condition of excellence in flannelization


v. to transformation a story, rhyme, song or game into a flannel


n. a list of flannel board creations


n. the art/study of flannels, flannel boards and flannelization


n.1. the flannel pieces used with flannel boards

n.2. clothing made from flannel fabric, often plaid, worn as casual outerwear by the ‘other’ Flannel Friday folks (Twitter hashtag #flannelfriday)

Flannel Architect

n. a flannel designer or creator

Flannel Friday

 n1. informal group of children’s librarian storytellers who publish their flannel board blogs on a Friday (Twitter hashtag #flannelfriday). May be regarded as a Community of Practice as individuals share in and learn from the process.

n2. day on which some individuals wear casual flannel clothing (also using (Twitter hashtag #flannelfriday).

Fannel Friday Pinterest

Visual record of images from Flannel Friday blog posts.

Fannel Friday Round Robin
def. Flannel Friday-ers, children’s librarians, and anyone else uses flannel boards is invited to help Cate answer the question - What makes a story (picture book, song, rhyme, game, etc) flannelizable? Details on Cate's blog.

Fannel Friday Roundup

def. Weekly summary of Flannel Friday blog posts, hosted on a rotational basis. List of hosts past and present at So Tomorrow.


adj. sometimes they just work out that way!

Felt software (for iPad)
Felt Board by Software Smoothie
Fun Felt by QuriosApps

Gracelink by, Inc. (Bible Study Guides)

With thanks to the Flannel Friday Facebookers who contributed: Tami, Sharon H, Cate, Anne C & Sarah H.

 Apologies for any errors -  feel free to communicate additions or amendments either as comments here, or on Facebook – I’ll update periodically!


  1. Talk about flantastic! This is great, funny, and actually really helpful. I'm going to add a flannelography to my blog today!! Great work.

  2. Glad you like it - thanks for your contribution!

  3. I love this! There were definitely a few terms I did not know, and I've been following Flannel Friday from the beginning! Well done!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thanks! I'm sure I've missed a few - you all are such a creative bunch - new terms are popping up all the time - do let me know if you spot some new ones!


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