Friday, 9 September 2011

Flannel Friday - My First Flannel (or Dog's Colourful Day)

I think almost everyone who contributes to Flannel Friday has made a version of Dog's Colorful Day*, and here is mine.  It was the first flannel I ever made and I used it in a colour themed storytime. 

Following the links posted on Nikarella's Blog, I downloaded the pattern from Making Learning Fun.  Then I printed it on to card, transferred the dog to cream-coloured felt, drew the outline (inner line) freehand with black pen, just cut out the dots direct from the card and stuck Velcro dots on the reverse - job done!

Two good things came from this flannel board:

  • Firstly, the kids loved the interactivity - we had just a small group, few enough that the kids could have one dot each.  They each came up to the front and added thier dot when I read the page featuring their colour.  Later they also had a lovely time playing with the whole thing when storytime had finished.

  • Secondly, I showed the flannel to someone who was in a position to request funds for early years literacy projects, and she agreed to put in a request to purchase a flannel board easel for the library's exclusive use (for the time-being I am using either a piece of display board, or my homemade felt covered art canvas).  Yeah for Partnership working!

You can see more cool versions at:
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There is an other version of the pattern (which is more like the dog in the book) in the book Storytime Magic and at the weblink for the book's patterns.  I have bought this book since and love just about everything in it!

The Flannel Friday roundup is a Mel's Desk this week!
*If you are wondering about the spelling, the library didn't own a copy of this book, so I bought a super cheap one from an online book retailers (a UK printing, so it was Dog's Colourful Day).


  1. So happy you were able to purchase a flannelboard! And Storytime Magic is one of my favorites as well.

  2. I am in complete awe of your mad outlining skills! Drawing on felt is such a tricky thing. Also, congrats on the new flannelboard purchase!

  3. Regard to outlining skills - I should have added a warning - 2 sharpies were used (up) in the making of this flannel!

  4. ...I cannot believe how smooth your outlines look! It's amazing!

  5. Don't know if it helped, but I ironed the felt first which seemed to flatten the fibres a bit.


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