Friday, 16 September 2011

Flannel Friday - Five Enormous Dinosaurs - One Flannel, Two Jobs!

Five Enormous Dinosaurs (squashed into a frame)
I have at least one storytime regular who is mad for dinosaurs and so, inspired by recent Flannel Friday posts, I decided to write a dinosaur storytime.  As I only do two public storytimes each month, I have a while to prepare, so thought I'd make the flannel this week to present the following week.

I loved Katie @ Sharing Soda's Five Enormous Dinosaurs, and almost decided to print off her lovely clip art.  However, having seen the Library Lady's Magnet Monday - Whooose Missing, I wanted to play her colour game too, and so needed some dinosaurs in plain colours.  I couldn't find any templates that were just right, so turned to a book (imagine)!  

I was enchanted by the techniques and results in the book It's Fun to draw Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures by Mark Bergin. This book is part of the Scribblers Bright Start Right Start series and not the one aimed at older readers by the same author.  I don't normally include covers, but it might help you see why I think the book is so great!

It's fun to draw dinosaurs

I used some of the outlines to cut out my felts.  The illustrator outlines all of his dinosaurs in felt pen, so the outlines are really clear.  He also names and indexes all his dinosaurs, and I drew the following:

  • Ankylosaurus - green
  • Pteranodon - blue
  • Parasaurolophus - purple
  • Stegosaurus - yellow
  • Triceratops - red
Once I'd cut out the felts, I just added eyes and mouths or nostrils (guided by the illustrations). I don't have any puffy paint, so for the eyes I used a white opaque pen to do a big white dot, and then put a coloured dot with sharpie over the top (leaving some white exposed).  Not ideal, but you have to use what you have!

So now I have my flannels I'm going to incorporate BOTH Molly's song Five Enormous Dinosaurs AND Library Lady's Whose Missing game into my storytime!

Tracy is hosting this week's Flannel Friday roundup and there are past Flannel Friday images pinned at Pinterest - looking forward to seeing more of those great ideas.

Thanks guys!


  1. I never thought of using kids' how-to-draw books for templates! Thank you, this is awesome!

  2. Using how-to-draw books was a first for me, but it won't be the last!

  3. I love that this flannel does two things at once! I bet the children (particularly the dino enthusiast) will love it!


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