Monday, 12 September 2011

Developing a new library session - Baby Rhymetimes - Fingers and Toes

Some of our visitors had been commenting for a while that they didn't bring their wee ones to storytimes because they thought they were a bit too young for the storytime group. I'd assured them that they were never too young to share stories and rhymes, but that I'd try and sort them out a session of their own; twice-monthly Baby Rhymetimes for babies 0 to 24 months are the result. As is often the case, none of the 'requesting' group came along (circumstances and timetables change so often at this stage of parenthood) and we welcomed a slew of new faces. Most of the children were between 10 weeks and 11 months.
Image by KittenBella

The content which follows is a combination of the first two baby rhymetimes. I don't intend to change the content of these sessions very much as repetition is so important for the little ones, I'll just change out the story, and just a few of the rhymes and songs.

We started with a favourite ...

Hello Song

Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you?
How are you today?

Hello {child's name}, how are you?
Hello {child's name}, how are you?
Hello {child's name}, how are you?
How are you today?
[moving around the group we soon got to know all the children's names]

In the second session I brought out the coloured scarves and we played peek-a-boo first and then played with the scarves with these songs and rhymes ...

Where is?

Where is {child's name}?, Where is {child's name},
There {s}he is! There {s}he is!
We're so glad to see you, we're so glad to see you,
Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo!

One Bright scarf
[adapted from 10 Little Fingers at Storytime Rocks]

One bright scarf waiting for the wind to blow (hold in hand)
Wiggle it high (wiggle scarf above head)
Wiggle it low (wiggle scarf by knees)
Shake it fast (wiggle scarf quickly)
Shake it slow (wiggle scarf slowly)
Put it behind your back

Where did it go? (bring out empty hands)

Then we had a selection of fingerplays (and toeplays too) ...

Round and round the Garden

Roon Aboot
[Scots Rhyme from Katie's Coo]

Roon aboot, roon aboot,
Catch a wee moose.
Up a bit, up a bit,
In his wee hoose.
[finishing up mussing little one's hair]

This little piggie went to market

Ten Little Toesies
[adapted from 10 little Indians]

One little, two little, three little toesies,
Four little, five little, six little toesies,
Seven little, eight little, nine little toesies,
Ten little tickley toes!
[then back again]

[ .. in preparation for a story  ...]

The Wiggle Song

I wiggle my fingers,
I wiggle my toes,
I wiggle my ears and I wiggle my nose,
Now that the wiggles are all out of me,
Let's cuddle up and have a sto-ry.
[just a small variation in the last line there!]

STORY: Ten little fingers and ten little toes, Mem Fox
[this book was spot on - the right length, good repetition, nice rhythm & lots of pics of multicultural babies]

One, two, three, four, five

One, two, three, four, five,
Once I caught a fish alive,
Six, seven, eight, nine ten,

Head, shoulders, knees and toes
[sitting down]

The more we get together
[rocking back and forth, either on lap or in arms]

... and finally ...
Twinkle, twinkle, little star

The twenty minutes flew by and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Some of the babies responded well to rhythms, so next time we'll incorporate our home-made shakers [more about them in a later post]. 


  1. I love these rhymes! Particularly the Roon Aboot one! And the Wiggle Song is great for preparing for a story. I might have to use it in storytime whenever the kids are a little restless!

  2. I love the Wiggle Song, I seem to use it for all ages of storytimes as a signal that the story is about to start - also when wiggling your nose is a great time for collegues to take the silliest photos of you (and no, I don't want to share, but try it for yourself)!


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