Friday, 12 August 2011

Flannel Friday - 5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer

Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer

I made this flannel to use in my aliens storytime with the song/rhyme Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer.  The song is a new one on me, and I found various versions of the lyrics, but finally opted for this set.

I decided to do this in flannel so that the 'men' would stick to the flying saucer and I also had some old T-shirt transfer paper that I wanted to play with.

Flying Saucer
The pattern and idea also came from the AllJoinIn blog, and I used the flying saucer straight from the downloadable .pdf (unfortunately no longer available) and printed that directly onto the transfer paper with only a slight enlargement. In order to keep the top section 'felty', I had to cut away a lot of the transfer paper, so there was no transfer image on that part (bit fiddly) and this is shown below.

Transfer paper backing sheet
I had the iron on the highest setting and kept it moving as instructed, but still managed to singe the felt a little!
The felt got a little singed!

However, the template peeled away nicely, and although the image was a little discoloured, it didn't show too much.
No problems peeling off the backing though

Cutting out was straight forward, taking the photo was trickier!
Magic scissors stand up by themselves (eventually)!

I simplified one of the 'men' and made that a little larger too. Then cut out 5 in different shades of green felt from a pack of felt samples, each one a few inches square, just the right size for one 'man'.

Then I draw on the mouths with sharpie and stuck on googly eyes.  In retrospect I should have used fabric ones for safety's sake - I'll fix that later.


  1. I have already started working on this -- that's how much I loved it. Welcome to Flannel Friday!

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. That version of "Row, Row" is always a hit. I need to add more of my favorites to that page. I will be scouring your blog for ideas too.

  3. Glad you liked my "five little me" printouts, like the green aliens! if you've made this also i'd love you to add a comment on the original post would love to see the variations

  4. This is so cute. I went to the site you said you got the spaceship pattern from and I didn't see it. I saw the cd version that she is offering for sale. I'm a little confused can you please help me out and direct me to the right page. Thank you. God Bless.

    1. Apologies. The link to the pattern at AllJoinIn seems to have been removed. I'll edit my post to reflect this change.


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