Sunday, 24 July 2011

To flannel or not to flannel?

Work in progress - I love my white shoes!

I have been so inspired and entertained by the offerings of Flannel Fridays and other storytime blogs and web offerings that I really must express my thanks!

Of course I've wanted to 'have a go' myself, the combination of using my craft skills while enhancing our storytimes and rhymetimes is TOO great to resist! However, for the school vacation, our normal timetable of librarytimes has been suspended and I've taken the opportunity of using the extra space (from no school classes, as we are a combined high school and public library) to have extended sessions with older siblings and craft activities.  So I've found my time taken up with design and prep of those things. Some of these such as astronaut helmets and mini rockets are shown in earlier posts.  Others, including alien masks will be published in the weeks to come.
Aside: in case you are wondering about the choice of crafts, our summer reading scheme slogan this year is 'Take Off with a Good Book', incorporating all things space and rocket related.

I've been symied by choice of flannels and books, and initially opted for simple, and tried out Dog's Colourful Day. However, our biggest hit in new books has been Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes, so when I saw Moxie Librarians's post I just had to try it out! I may have bitten off more than I can chew, and am beginning to wonder if it would have been easier, although maybe less effective, to use clipart. 

Benefits (as I see it) of using felt are:
  • novelty
  • opportunity to experience new textures
  • my own enjoyment/entertainment
  • sticking to board w/out velcro dots
  • simplication of images
  • avoiding copyright issues (mostly)
  • preparation time
  • cost
  • safety of participants (choking hazzard?)
  • encountering copyright issues!
I love to hear what you think are the advantages/disadvantages, and please complete my poll to see which are the preferred materials. [poll expired and removed from blog] Much thanks from a flannel newbie!!!

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  1. Great post and thanks for the link! Glad I could inspire. Personally I only create with flannel. I've been doing it so long that most flannels I create take an hour or less. It's zen for me. I rarely leave the building for lunch so I watch Netflix and make flannels. I prefer flannel for the aesthetics pure and simple. I am beginning to like the iron on look. Keep at it!


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