Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mini Rocket Craft

These rockets were a winner at a recent craft session.  They were not the main event, but a side craft for older siblings.  The younger children however loved playing with them, and I had the teen volunteers make them to hand out towards the end of the session, when interest in the main craft was flagging (i.e. when the parents had decided to 'help' just a little too much).
Full instructions on How to Make a Soda-Straw Rocket can be found at NASA's website and the pictures on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory blog help too.
The rockets were very economical to make - to make 10 rockets it took:
  • 2 sheets white paper (for the fins),
  • 1 sheet red paper (for the bodies),
  • 10 drinking straws (bendy straws are best),
  • some sticky tape, and
  • a few pencils (which could be re-used after).
I also set out a measuring tape in case the kids wanted to measure how far the rockets went.  However, we had such high attendance that there just wasn't room!

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