Friday, 31 August 2012

Flannel Friday - Katie Bairdie had a coo

Nursery rhymes about farm animals are perfect for Baby Rhymetimes.  I used another of my newly minted set of farm animal finger puppets to explore Nursery Rhymes about cows (coos in Scots).

Cow from the Farm Set Floral Blossom’s Etsy pattern

A favourite traditional Scots Rhyme is Katie Bairdie.

Katie Bairdie hid a coo',
Black and white aboot the moo'
Wisna that a dainty coo'?
Dance Katie Bairdie.

Here's the translation
Katie Bairdie had a cow,
Black and white about the mou(th)
Wasn't that a dainty cow?
Dance Katie Bairdie.

Traditionally this rhyme was sung. You can listen to a recording of children from Inchture Primary School who have made up some delightful additional verses of their own for this rhyme.  I love the image of Katie's coo having "Bright red lipstick roon its moo"!

In fact, Karen Sutherland's cow in this book would be the one to pull off the look!

Katie's CooKatie's Coo by James Robertson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Some short traditional rhymes in Scots dialect. The perfect book of rhymes to share in a Scottish themed rhymetime or storytime. I share something from this book almost every week.
Read in numerous Baby Rhymetimes.

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You can also hear a version sung by Matthew Fitt on the Scottish Book Trust website. There is a lovely verse about a sleekit moose (a glossy-coated mouse) - a great addition to a Burn's themed storytime after a verse of 'To a Mouse'.

The felt/flannel coo, like the other farm animals from the set, was made from a pattern recommended by Storytime Katie from a pattern purchased from Floral Blossom’s Etsy shop. The conditions of use are quite restrictive, so I can't share the pattern, although if you check out the selection you might me tempted to buy some patterns for yourself!

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