Thursday, 15 March 2012

Storytime Skills: I'm Reflecting!

I'm very excited to be starting what will hopefully be a series of reflective posts on my storytime skills. That sounds very introspective (and, in all honesty, it is), but I do have my reasons.

Image by Svornik at Open Clip Art Library

You might already be aware that I have two blogs, this one for storytimes, and Library Quine for my personal continuing professional development (CPD). Once again, I am torn as to where to publish these musings, and rather than push you all to unsubscribing from this blog, I've decided to post them over at Library Quine. Please visit me there occasionally, I continue to value your thoughts and comments, in fact I thrive on them!

I'd especially like to thank Mel over at Mel's Desk for her thought-provoking posts on the Essential Elements of Storytime. Her timing is perfect!

You may wonder why I've bothered to post this at all. Well, one thing I've discovered thus far in my evaluative journey is that if I publicly announce that I will do something, I'm far more likey to follow through. Wish me luck!

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