Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Navel-Gazing my Twitter Habits

I've been doing a bit of reviewing and reflection today which included looking at my Twitter habits using TweetStats.

I really only started using my Twitter account @Library_Quine to communicate that I'd posted something on my blog for Flannel Friday just 6 months ago.

I've widened my scope a little to include professional library, storytelling and book interest contacts, but not much further than that,  Keeping my alias has meant that personal stuff doesn't really feature.

I thought I might illustrate this with a Wordle word cloud of frequently used words in my Tweets, just to show that I seem to have kept the focus (I stray a bit sometimes, especially if something says win - I've won a few!).

A big thank you to all you Tweeting Flannel Friday-ers for enriching my storytime experience!

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