Thursday, 5 January 2012

Flannel Friday: Five Little Snowflakes - with templates

5 Little Snowflakes

Five Little Snowflakes

One little snowflake with nothing to do,

Along came another and then there were… two!

Two little snowflakes laughing with me,

Along came another and then there were…three!

Three little snowflakes looking for some more,

Along came another and then there were…four!

Four little snowflakes dancing a jive,

Along came another, and then there were…five!

Five little snowflakes, having so much fun!

Out came the sun, and then there were none!

Inspired by Miss Mary Liberry, Rhyme from DLTK Kids, courtesy of Shelley.

To make the snowflakes more robust, I stuck them on to blue circles
(yes, there are 2 different shades).

Making flannel snowflakes

Oh, and not forgetting a nice warm sun to melt the snowflakes! 

Flannel Sun

Now for ... a little review and reflection

I've been actively posting on the blog now for almost 6 months, and thought it was time to review the time and effort spent on blogging, making flannels and the response and feedback I've had.

When I started I had no existing stock of flannels to share so I've have had to make them as I've gone along. This has obviously been quite time consuming, but loads of fun. I also started off with zero flannel experience and my fellow flannellers have generously given inspiration and advice along the way. Thanks for all your positive comments.

5 Little Man in a Flying Saucer
My first post included in a Flannel Friday roundup was 5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer back in September, which used iron-on transfer paper. I've tried out a number of other techniques along the way including; leaves and mittens with puffy paint; owls with stitching;  pirate and monster with a flannel backing layer;  and the rest simply with flannel/felt and PVA glue or hot glue gun.

Rupolph Template

My most popular post in terms of visitor numbers and comments has been Rudolph, Rudolph, which included a download-able template. I've decided to include more templates this year, as I think these are more useful, but obviously take longer to produce. Consequently I've decided to post less often, probably just once per month, but include templates whenever I can. I'll still follow all the posts and roundups though, I can't resist seeing what great ideas you'll come up with next!

Finally... here are the templates.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

The Flannel Friday Roundup this week is hosted by Molly at What Happens in Storytime @molliekay and links to past and future roundups can be found at Anne's blog at SoTomorrow. Images of flannel friday posts are displayed on Flannel Friday Pinterest.


  1. excellent puff paint usage! Nicely done!

  2. Beautiful snowflakes! Thanks for sharing the templates.

  3. Thanks for your nice comments, hope the templates prove useful.

  4. Thank you for the templates!

    I have an older version of five little snowflakes on blue circles but all my snowflakes are the same. :-( I actually used our diecut to make them years ago. LOL

    But now, with your templates, I can finally have some snowflakes that are different! I am very excited to be able to use these at our family storytime on Thursday night. I am using the book, I AM SNOW. It mentions that snowflakes are different and now I can use these snowflakes to help the children look for the differences. Love it! Thank you so much!

  5. I'm glad you like the snowflakes. My inspiration came from some teeny-tiny snowflake stickers which I simplified and re-drew. Once I made up the flannels, I realised that some of them got stretched a little, and are not quite as symetrical as they might be. If you haven't made them up yet, you might want to correct that. I'm looking up the book you mentioned RIGHT NOW in the catalog.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to source, create and share. The snowflakes are beautiful and the rhyme is great! I'm looking forward to including this in the rest of my winter storytimes.

    1. Your welcome. Good luck with your winter storytimes.

  7. Your great flannel board stories are inspiring me to try a flannel board with my daycare babes. Thanks.

    1. I'm pleased you're going to try out using a flannel board. It IS worth the effort - the sensory aspect of flannels is so thrilling for little ones!

  8. I'm very glad you put your web address on these! I found them through a Google image search, but they were on
    But since they had your address on them I could come here & find the other 3 and thank you :) We will be using them for my son's 1st birthday Winter ONEderland banner.


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