Tuesday 19 July 2011

Using Scarves in Rhymetimes

I am a novice to using scarves at librarytimes, but feel sure they would be popular for both baby and toddler rhymetimes.  A quick trawl of the Internet brought up some interesting resources:
  • Tracey, a librarian from Ohio, has some fun and practical ideas. She suggests ways of using them with Pattie cake [Pat-a-cake in the UK], Here we go round the mulberry bush, and Peek-a-boo. Also for directed movement, hiding parts of the body and to act out weather, leaves etc.
  • Kathy MacMillan & Christine Kirker, authors of Storytime Magic have more ideas, some for older children in their item Super Scarves. 
  • Finally a rhyme I adapted from 10 Little Fingers at Storytime Rocks.  

One Bright scarf

One bright scarf waiting for the wind to blow (hold in hand)

Wiggle it high (wiggle scarf above head)

Wiggle it low (wiggle scarf by knees)

Shake it fast (wiggle scarf quickly)

Shake it slow (wiggle scarf slowly)

Put it behind your back,

Where did it go? (bring out empty hands)

I'm collecting rhymes to use with scarves and can't wait for my new set of ten scarves to arrive!  If you have more suggestions, please post them as comments.


  1. Singer Johnette Downing's CD: The Second Line is full of scarf ideas. My favorite is the 3rd song on it.

  2. I saw an idea at


    using scarves when you sing "If you're happy and you know it".
    It has become a popular song/activity in our story times. Which includes children birth to 5.

  3. In the past, I've had mummy/ baby pair up with another mummy/ baby. We knotted their scarves together and sometimes added a third scarf to get some length. Then each pair "waltzed" to "A few of my Favourite Things" (Sound of Music). It was a hit!


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